What is this? Creative Writing?

Poetry? Who does that?

Being that, you know, I do like to do that whole “creative writing” thing and all I thought I’d share a poem I wrote last semester for a creative writing class. I’m not particularly proud of it, but I do sort of like it — though I’m not sure if I like how it flows or not.

Either way, enjoy. Maybe you’ll like it.

Oh, before I drop it here I should probably mention something completely unrelated. Shawna (visit her blog, the link is on the sidebar!) told me she had been making a couple bucks with a few ads, so I figured I’d join in. On the side of my blog you will see ads thanks to Google. If you see something you like them, click on through. The money will help me continue to be a not-quite-starving writer! Seriously though, every click helps.

Anyway, poem:

Quick Fix

Weakened by tormented thoughts,
Fingers pressed against temples,
Digging for some harmony or truth.

Struggling through your mind,
Chronic, crippling, clinical,
Need assistance with life.

The perfect solution,
Expertly prepared ex vivo,
An administered catatonia.

Answer within the bottle,
Effortless methodology,
Escape the responsibility.

Spit out the true elixir,
Replace it with the chemical,
Swallow your own soma.

And now you’ve no tears left,
Smile supported by scaffolding,
Composure for a moment.

Like it? Hate it? Let me know!

One thought on “What is this? Creative Writing?

  1. I love this every time I see it. It seems like you tweak it regularly, though I can never tell where the tweaks occur…

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