Moving forward: Where am I going from here?

It’s been a little over two months since I’ve started this blog. So far I’ve written just over twenty articles about all kinds of subjects that I never imagined I would write about in any sort of serious manner. I’ve touched on social issues, things that bother me in general, music reviews and even some flash fiction. In my last post I gave a brief explanation about why I write specifically about social issues, but I’d like to also add a little bit about what you can expect to see here from this point forward past those sorts of things.

First off, while I do deeply care about the points I mention in the post right under this one I want to state that this blog isn’t just for social ranting. I will continue to post creative writing and the occasional music review — or whatever I feel about writing in general. So don’t get upset if you see something that seems “out of the ordinary.”

Likewise, I’ve reached a point where I’m cool with spreading the word about my blog. Up until this point I’ve sort of only tried to spread it amongst friends, but I feel that I have a solid amount of content now where someone reading this site for the first time would be entertained for more than a few short minutes.

On that note — much as I said in the manifesto, feel free to spread the word! Use the tagline “Come for the social justice, stay for the flash fiction!” …uh, maybe not, but still — you get the idea.

Another thing I’d like to note: I love comments! It’s cool to see that virtually all of my blogs have gotten at least one, even if it is the same handful of people who choose to be vocal. I know there are a few of you out there that read the blog on a relatively routine basis but have remained silent and that is perfectly fine — but your input is welcome! Even if I don’t know you personally, feel free to post up a comment. Disagree with me, even! I’d love to get a discussion going.

So anyway, in the future months look for a flash fiction week roughly every month. There will be another one very soon and I’d like to sort of make a habit out of it because it’s really fun. I’d also like to review a few more albums, so if there is something coming out soon that you’d like my opinion on, let me know!

Also feel free to comment on this post if there is anything in specific you’d like me to write an article about (or just hear my opinion on). Seriously! As much as I write for myself, it is always nice to have people enjoy it as well.

One thought on “Moving forward: Where am I going from here?

  1. Obligatory NotQuiteLiterally Fanclub post!

    I don’t know, man, so long as you keep fighting the Good Fight. I always love to hear about video games or current events, but there’s always the risk of just being like many of the millions of other blogs dedicated to the exact same things; except you, sir, stand out with your exceptional insight and writing ability.

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