The Great Leveler

Prompt: “Being snowed in”

They had called it the great leveler. It didn’t matter who you were, when the wall hit you, it killed you the same way as everyone else. Your tomb was that of the eternal winter, your body sacrificed to the slumbering cold as frozen shackles held you in place.

It was a slow, awful death.

And so she kept digging.

Breath hissed through her teeth as she buried her hands in the powder, viciously slashing at the ground like a burrowing animal. Auburn hair plastered against her face, frozen there by sweat and fresh flakes.

She internally begged to hear a muffled scream – but the wind denied her wishes, silencing her thoughts with a constant, howling presence. Tears began to form at the corner of her eyes from a mix of emotion and effort. They froze before reaching her raw cheeks, stinging as they burned against her skin.

As her fingers tore into the mountain below her, the snow began to turn red. Her naked hands were a mix of pale flesh and crimson stains, numbed long ago by their war with the packed snow. His body had only been swallowed up for a few minutes, and yet she knew that with every second he was closer to being bound forever to the elements.

Her vision was blinded, eyes clouded over with tears, every tattered blink sending her world into a white hell. Blood thumped at her temples, threatening to break her concentration. Was she even in the right spot? Was he already dead?

The last question echoed in her mind, urging her forward.

Her arm reached down, ready to pull up another handful of frozen debris –

She gasped, rough fingers suddenly wrapping around her wrist, tugging at her for life.

The great leveler had spared one.

3 thoughts on “The Great Leveler

  1. Very well written. It left me wanting more. Great job!

  2. This is one of your better ones.

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