Wherein I post bad poetry

Yep. It’s bad poetry hour! The following is something I had to write for a glad class. Sestina ahoy.

Ashen Reverie

“Nothing is concealed from the wise and sensible, while the unbelieving and unworthy cannot learn the secrets.” – H. C. Agrippa

No one under the sun knows our secrets
Manifesting in all our twisted days
An ember plumage enraged from my palms
Staring up at a bouquet of burnt steel
Crossed keys and a kingdom manifested
Burning seal, tritones, and what is below

Harlequin ring, unbroken from below
Screaming into ashes; ripping secrets
Charcoal clouds towering, manifested
Soon smold’ring candle burning for the days
Ancient relic built from sanctified steel
Held tight with sweat entwined within my palms

Hints of the past, rising scent of burnt palms
Rumblings rip at my ankles from below
Perdition’s own thoughts heating my grasped steel
Chanting syllables encased in secrets
Been heading for this moment all my days
Body encircled by manifested

ethereal beings; Manifested
by careful design, controlled by my palms
Faustian bargain? My eternal days
Are nothing like temptation from below
He refused to adhere to the secrets
He should’ve stuck to alchemical steel

Finally! My fingers let loose the steel
His Grand form finally manifested
My knees ready to beg for All secrets
Man’s logic cannot stop my quaking palms
I command you, summoned one from below!
Bound to my brass vessel all of your days

Cowering mortal, you bind me for days?
Sixty-six true legions I bind with steel
Mine is everything imprisoned below
Your Goetia is my Will manifested!
I’m the desecrator of sacred palms
Your filth deserves not infernal secrets

All my days, for this smoke manifested
Yet I am oxidized steel; wilted palms
Cowardice locks those secrets far below

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