Hey, remember that time racism was dead?

Remember? Racism is totally dead. We live in a post-race society, where minorities are treated fairly all the time.

Apparently, this is what the Supreme Court thinks.

States’ rights? States’ rights. Of course, of course. Here we are again.

And so now it begins: states may authorize their own voter ID programs, designed to combat fraud that doesn’t exist — fraud that literally is the equivalent of those racist chain mails you used to get from your uncle in the 90s.

There’s just so much wrong here that I’m struggling — I honestly don’t know where to start. Where can you even begin with all of this? Do you start in the beginning?

It’s amazing how these things work. Right before the last election there was a massive wave of “worry” about voter fraud — a fear that, yes, somehow the system was being gamed by Democrats and their ilk. It was a top priority. I remember seeing it trending as a headline on all the major news networks, Republican legislators presenting a false dilemma to both their constituents and the media: either you are for protecting our country from corruption, or you aren’t. That was the problem presented.

And of course, when the very concept of voter fraud was challenged, they continued to push forward. Typical rhetoric appeared.

Now, it’s important to remember — this specific hive of right-wing, ahem, number junkies — was the same that predicted anything from a “close” race to a “dominate Romney victory” in 2012. You know, despite all statistics saying otherwise. Nate says hello!

But I digress. The point here is that voter fraud was bunk — a non-issue in a desperate attempt to swing the conversation back around, to steal momentum.

Obviously, it didn’t work.

What it did do, though, was set up a court case that made its way to the Supreme Court. And hey! Guess what! Apparently race has changed and all of that, so now it’s up to our inept, useless Congress to try and work something out.

Yes: that one. Really.

What this inevitably means is that either:

  • a). Congress won’t do anything, which will mean states have a free ride to do whatever they feel like for an election, or
  • b). Congress will do something, and that something will be a watered down version of “Civil Rights” and “voter protection”


One thought on “Hey, remember that time racism was dead?

  1. Here’s another fun one. Apparently, according to SCOTUS, “workplace discrimination” only applies when the person harassing you is able to hire/fire you. So if your supervisor creates a hostile environment by making racially charged comments (impossible, of course, in this post-racist society), driving you out of the workplace, they’re in the clear as long as they’re not in charge of hiring/firing.


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