Story voting!

This past October Natalie started doing these neat musical doodles (you can see an example of one here). They were essentially just little piano riffs — ideas that she could build on later. The process reminded me of when I used to write flash fiction. It was a fun way to really get my creative juices flowing — especially when I didn’t necessarily have a lot of inspiration.

So I decided to do my own little doodles — short story sketches that were either ideas, character introductions, tiny vignettes, or whatever. I thought that, in December, I could show them to friends and have them vote to see which they’d like me to expand.

Well, December got super busy so I didn’t have a chance to do that. But hey, I can totally do that now!

(As a note, I’m including a few stories that I’ve written in the past but have recently refreshed!)

Important bits:

So anyway, you can find the poll here. Here are the stories (and a brief genre note):

Snow — Sci-fi (Five seconds in the future)

Celeynn — Fantasy/Warcraft RP

Meeting — Thriller

dig — Paranormal, modern, Lovecraftian horror

Ash / Flame — Paranormal, fantasy

F82 — Heist/Thriller

fuel — Unsure how to label this!

Savor — Vague erotica, romance

srvr — Sci-fi (Cyberpunk)

Notacat Saga Pt 1. / Pt 2. — High Fantasy/Comedy

Thank you for reading and voting. I appreciate your time and hope that you at least got some entertainment out of one of these!

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